Dolma Boost: Doubling Profits for Our Online Restaurant Partner!

Witnessing profits soar for our e-restaurant partner! Curious about our recipe for success? Learn more about how we achieved this.

Client Background

Dolma Jo, located in Amman, Jordan, specializes in making the delicious Iraqi dish “Dolma” and sells it online. This special dish, made with care and authenticity, is the highlight of their menu.

Target Audience: 

Dolma Jo focuses on serving adults in Amman, particularly women aged 30 to 50 who appreciate high-quality food. They pride themselves on offering exceptional taste and sophistication, catering to those with a love for culinary excellence.

Dolma’s Unique Aspects:

Known for serving the “Best Dolma in Jordan,” Dolma Jo sets itself apart with outstanding quality and cleanliness, reminiscent of homemade perfection. Customers love the unique blend of fresh local lamb meat, premium rice, fresh vegetables, and the special touch of Iraqi flavors. Dolma Jo guarantees a memorable dining experience, enticing customers to come back for more.


Dolma Jo teamed up with OrderUp to overcome challenges and boost success.

Safeguarding Social Media Pages and Lifting Restrictions:

Initially, Dolma Jo faced restriction issues with their Facebook and Instagram pages. OrderUp swiftly responded with an urgent video call, resolving the problem and saving Dolma Jo’s follower base.

Boosting Sales and Saving the Brand:

The main goal was to increase daily orders. The OrderUp team used their expertise to plan and execute a targeted social media advertising campaign, aiming to enhance Dolma Jo’s visibility and attract more orders.


OrderUp employed a thoughtful strategy in the digital advertising landscape.

Channel Focus:

Facebook and Instagram were chosen as the main channels to reach the target audience effectively.

Creative Precision:

OrderUp carefully selected impactful creatives, mainly videos, using an Ad Creative Testing Strategy to increase daily orders. Recognizing the importance of a good ad copy and creative synergy, this approach maximized the effectiveness of each advertisement.

Adaptability and Testing:

OrderUp continuously tested different elements, such as ad copies, creatives, audiences, and even campaign timing, showcasing our dedication to refining and optimizing the advertising approach.

We launched numerous ads, continuously testing and refining them for better results. We enhanced the campaign’s performance by communicating with our client (restaurant owners) and gathering feedback.

We launched ads that boosted brand awareness, drove strong engagement, and increased orders.


In the first 3 months, we doubled Dolma Jo’s profits. We continued working till now, for more than a year. 

In that period: 
  • Dolma Jo’s content reached more than 1 million people in Jordan, mainly in Amman. 
  • 11,827 messaging conversations started (interested people want to order).
  • $0.86 is the cost for each interested person who messages Dolma on Instagram, WhatsApp, or Messenger (less than 0.61 Jordanian dinars per interested buyer). 
  • $25 only is the average spend per day which brought around 8 to 12 orders per day on average.


We tested and launched many ads, as you can see below it says a total of 129 ads were selected.

meta ads for restaurants by OrderUp digital marketing agency

To be realistic, they may not all be unique videos, most are duplicated ads, it may be the same video but with a different version of the ad copy (caption) or a different targeted audience or targeting a different region. 

But the point of showing you that number is for you to know that we always keep testing and trying to maximize our client’s ROI. 

That’s our main focus at the agency.

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