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Great menus are just the beginning.

Don’t wait for orders to come in—bring them to you through digital advertising. Gain visibility, cultivate loyalty, and drive sales with our expert ad strategies. OrderUp Agency has the expertise to make it happen.

Great menus are just the beginning.
“If your menu isn’t visible to the right audience online, your culinary delights remain unseen.”
Our Story: a need being fulfilled. No bs.

How OrderUp Digital Marketing Agency for Restaurants Started and Why?

We started working with a few food businesses and we helped them thrive through Meta ads mainly. But during this journey, we have identified two major challenges faced by small food businesses. First, they lack the time and expertise to effectively manage digital ads and attract new customers through social media and Google. Second, many small food businesses are burdened by high marketing agencies fees, often being sold overpriced services that impact their profit margins. At OrderUp, we have tailored our offer to address these challenges, creating a formula beneficial for both parties.
We are now extending this offer to other restaurant owners to take advantage of these benefits.

Services we focus on now

What We Offer


Social Media Ads

Strategic ad planning and execution for optimal results.


Creative Optimization

Creating and improving visuals and ad copies to enhance sales.


Search Engine Marketing

Including organic SEO and paid Google ads for local businesses.

Maximize Your Restaurant’s Growth Potential

Why Choose Us | The 5 Stars service

Our Unique Value Proposition

Targeted Ad Strategies

Crafting engaging ad copy and refining videos for optimal performance, we continuously test and fine-tune ads to maximize results.

Personalized Approach

We tailor our strategies to your specific restaurant, ensuring that you capture attention and cultivate customer loyalty.

Proven Methods

With our expertise in digital marketing and advertising for restaurants, we have a track record of delivering tangible results.

Competitive Pricing

Benefit from highly competitive pricing that makes our services an investment worth making for your restaurant.

Dedicated Support

Work with dedicated teams of experts who provide clear communication and valuable advice, ensuring your marketing efforts are always on track.

Our Process

How We Work


Strategy Development

We work closely with you to develop a targeted digital marketing strategy that aligns with your restaurant’s goals.


Ad Creation and Optimization

Our team crafts engaging ad copy and optimizes videos to ensure optimal performance and maximum results.


Continuous Testing and Refinement

We continuously test and refine ads to improve their effectiveness, saving you money and driving better results.

Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

OrderUp Agency’s expertise in digital marketing has significantly increased our restaurant’s online visibility and customer engagement.

-Rahma A. Co-Founder. Dolma Jo

OrderUp’s team helped us double our profits in under three months. Thanks to their efforts, Ramadan became our highest sales month yet!

-Rahma A. Co-Founder. Dolma Jo

OrderUp’s ad expertise is outstanding. We saw quick improvement over our previous digital marketing freelancer. Their service pricing is also reasonable, and I’m seeing better results.

-Khattab, Owner. Dolmarz

OrderUp’s team communicates well, making interactions easy and pleasant. They constantly test and improve, making it feel like we’re building our business together.

-Nour A. Co-founder. Dolma Jo

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